At Decorr, we’re passionate about interior decor and design, we’re passionate about people, so what better way to bring our two loves together than by creating South Africa’s largest online decor and design directory.

Quite simply, Decorr (decor resources) is a library platform that connects people with creative design and decor ideas , bringing the two together in seamless harmony. If you’re a designer, manufacturer, or supplier, you have the opportunity to showcase your products and services within Decorr’s unique decor design library, reaching a potential audience of millions and creating an instant global fan base.

If you’re a homeowner, decorator, stylist or design enthusiast, you have the opportunity to browse the best of South African decor and interior design at your leisure, saving what intrigues you, sharing what inspires you and ultimately purchasing what excites you.

In this way, Decorr serves as an instant connection between interior design and the people who love it, creating a match made in decor heaven. No stockist or supplier is too big or too small to be featured within the Decorr library, the only prerequisite is a passion for design, craftsmanship and quality.

Similarly, no visitor’s needs are too big or too small to be met by the Decorr library, whether you’re renovating,  remodelling, redecorating or simply browsing for fun, you’ll find thousands of ideas to choose from, and be inspired to create thousands more.

Above all, however, Decorr is more than a mere library. It’s a community of like-minded individuals who share an excitement and enthusiasm for creating and displaying beautiful things.

And as with any community, participation is key to making it not just survive, but thrive. Decorr, therefore is yours to use to showcase your business, yours to browse to turn your house into your dream home, and yours to return to again and again. Welcome to our community, and welcome to the home of South African design.